Rudy's Honey

Southeast Texas Wildflower Honey

Available from 2 oz to 5 gallons.

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Crafted to perfection

Rudy’s Honey prides themselves not only on the honey they produce but their friendly customer service. if you’ve never visited their store, you must! You’ll usually get a tour of the building, which includes their extracting and bottling room.

Rudy’s Honey is a family-owned and operated business.

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Rudy’s Honey!

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To be amazed

Stay Healthy

Honey may help fight upper respiratory infections.

Body Products

Our line of soaps, lotions and creams provide a natural, clean feeling.

Minimal Cost

Your health can be improved with local honey and it's a low cost preventative.


We ship world-wide so that everyone can benefit from Rudy's Honey.

“This miraculous stuff hydrates my skin and makes me feel soft and smell amazing for hours. I am a 30 year old man, and am using this stuff 3 times a day and I have never felt better. Do yourself a favor and buy this! Then show it to everyone you like so they can treat themselves too! 10/10 would recommend!!”

-Spencer K.

100% Safe

I’m a 17 yr Breast Cancer Survivor & was so happy to see this product — it is completely safe for all Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer Survivors to use. The lotion bar & the soaps are all 100% safe not only for Cancer Survivors but also for anyone wanting to use Safe Products on their skin — I will be telling my FB Friends & All Breast Cancer Pink Sisters about these products —finally a product with No parabens, no Soy, no sunflower oil, no safflower oil, no avocado oil -so many Breast Cancer Ladies Are Going to be so happy —products we can use – Thank You So Much for Making These Safe Products ❤️

– Dianne V.

New Product

Try our new creamy jalapeño honey spread. Breakfast will thank you.